SBI Online Internet Banking Facilities

By | August 7, 2017

Visiting the branch and making your online sbi transactions is something really tiresome. Therefore, why not make things handier? These steps are absolutely simple and will certainly help you to access your SBI online banking facility. Also, you will get the details, then and there, which will contribute towards your flexibility, thereby making things easier.

There are basically two kinds of SBI login portal:-

  • Login site

This is meant for low width login or to access login facilities from the cell phone

  • Personal banking login

This is meant for high bandwidth login, like from the computer or laptop


The State Bank of India, just like other banking accommodations continue to develop its banking services in order to make the processes easier for its customers.

Some of the tasks that you can carry out through this process are to pay the DTH recharges, mobile bills, an online deposit of E Annuity, avail smart payout card, block lost ATM card online, buy e-life insurance cover, avail the income tax saving schemes, make tax payments and more. All these jobs could be done online.

Make SBI personal fund transfer

You can also make payments with the State Bank of India personal banking provision. An A/C holder can easily make payments or transfer funds with this facility at ease.

  • Making Intra bank transfer
  • RTGS funds transfer
  • IMPS payments
  • NEFT funds
  • NRI eZ Funds transfer
  • E deposits with SBI personal banking
  • E-TDR or e-STDR (under income tax saving scheme)
  • SBI Flexi deposits
  • E- Recurring deposits
  • E- annuity deposit

Other benefits provided by SBI personal banking

SBI offers a lot of value added services as well other than just making fund transfers or payments. Here are some of them as follows:-

  • E – Ticketing online for buses, trains and flights
  • Make payments for exam fees
  • Buy a movie ticket
  • Make tax payments by making use of the SBI ATM or Debit card
  • TDS enquiry
  • Investments for mutual funds

Here is what you need to do if you want to activate your online banking services:-

  • After you have been connected to the web, visit the official website of State Bank of India
  • Look at the left-hand side of the screen; locate the option, Personal Banking login option
  • Click on the Login option and a new window will appear on the screen
  • Click on the option, Continue to Login and another new window will appear
  • Enter your user name and password over there. Make sure that the user name and password are case sensitive and enter them accordingly.

Thus, you can avail all the facilities of SBI login after carrying out the above-mentioned steps and reaching the SBI Online banking dashboard.

For operating the facility at low bandwidth, follow the similar steps of providing your username and password by clicking on the Login Lite option. Steps are simple and thus, you can try them out at the earliest!

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