How to Activate SBI Mobile Banking – Registration Online

By | July 23, 2017

SBI Mobile Banking Registration :¬†Haven’t you registered your mobile number with your SBI debit card yet? If such is the case with you, you must link your mobile number with your State Bank of India account as early as possible. In today’s times, through this fluctuating economy with the crisis all around, it is quite important for each one of us to get a proper track of the transaction we make. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of our regular lives, we could hardly make any time to visit the bank and get a record of all our transactions and other details, particularly when there is an extending queue out there at the bank, thus the whole process is quite time-consuming. We can keep a track of the information by simply linking our mobile number with the SBI account and enjoy the benefits of having the transaction details in our device itself.

SBI Mobile Banking Registration

Reports have revealed that the board of directors have clearly declared that the State Bank of India is not permitting to grant any sort of online transactions to a customer who has not yet linked his or her mobile number to their respective accounts. Hence, it has become a mandatory job to ensure that your mobile number is linked to your account to let you make online payments and transactions at ease. This norm has been into effect since 15th March 2015.

How would you link your mobile number with the SBI account?

Since you know that it has become a compulsion to ensure that your mobile number is registered at your SBI account, if you have not done it till date, you must do it as soon as possible without making any further delay. Grab the link to activate your sbi online net banking account to access all features of state bank of India.

All you need to do is to take up a Banking service registration form and fill it up with the necessary details as desired. After you have granted all the details required, visit your home SBI branch and submit it over there.

Register your mobile banking service using your ATM card

If you are out of your native place and will get time to return back, you can easily avoid the stress of visiting an SBI branch. You can link your mobile number with your ATM card without any need for making out time from your busy schedule and visiting the branch. It will also activate your State Bank of India Freedom application.

  • Send a message “MBSREG” to 567676 from the mobile number you want to link. You will be replied back with another SMS that would constitute of your default MPIN and user ID
  • Now, enter the user ID and MPIN into the Freedom app that you have downloaded from play store.
  • Change the MPIN if desired with alphabets, numbers and special characters and activate the app
  • Visit your home SBI ATM and after entering the ATM card and pin, select Mobile Banking option
  • Tap on Register mobile number option
  • Now, enter your 10 digits mobile number and confirm it once again
  • You will be notified with a message showing your procedure was successful.

You can also register your mobile number in sbi using freedom app or sms. To get more updates subscribe our blog channel.

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