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By | September 11, 2017

Life is easier with the online services. SBI Online the Internet Banking Facility is considered as the best option for making the payment quite easier. Most SBI account holders like to choose the faster payment method instead of the classic way such as going to the bank and doing it manually users of SBI Online Internet Banking services with standing in a long queue. Internet Banking in SBI is suitable for all the SBI users in private banks and it is considered as the best options better than others. When you like to transfer funds like SBI to another bank, then you can take down the simple steps for adding the Inter Bank Beneficiary in the Online SBI Account. Sending money to users of same branch or same bank is easy to process. Sending money to the non-SBI account holders would also be quite easier. Below is the process involved in adding the inter-bank non-SBI beneficiary payments outside SBI.

How To Add Inter-Bank Non-SBI Beneficiary:

Follow the below step-by-step procedure for adding the Inter-Bank Non-SBI Beneficiary:

  • Login on ‘personal banking’ on the official homepage of the SBI
  • Read complete SBI Online Banking guidelines
  • Click on ‘Continue to Login’
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Log in
  • Click ‘Profile’ Tab in dashboard
  • Click on ‘Manage Beneficiary’
  • Enter your ‘Profile Password’
  • Click on the ‘Inter bank Beneficiary’
  • Enter the details appeared on screen
  • Payee name
  • Account number
  • Address
  • Inter-bank transfer limit
  • Click on IFS Code button
  • Enter the IFS Code
  • Click on ‘I accept terms and conditions’
  • Click on Submit button

Keep in mind that the Profile Password is the second password that is set after the log in password. When you enter incorrect password more than 3 times, then you can get blocked about 24 hours. Your payment amount will be transferred to the account of payee. Inter-bank (Non-SBI) beneficiary are added within next few hours. Process is done in conventional method and it is much easier through the SBI Online Internet banking services. When you have the account information of SBI Beneficiary then it would be easier for adding the Inter Bank Beneficiary. Of course, it would take about 3 to 4 min for adding the SBI Inter Bank Beneficiary. Add beneficiary in SBI Online then the entire process is simple. Funds you want to transfer will be transferred with the NEFT, IMPS & RTGS Services.

Procedure to Add Inter-Bank Beneficiary in SBI Online:

For adding the interbank beneficiary in SBI online, activate SBI net banking account. After activating the Internet Banking Account in SBI, follow step by step instructions

  1. Visit official SBI net banking login page or click
  2. Enter Username & Password and login to SBI Net Banking Account
  3. Click on Payments/Transfers on Top Menu
  4. Click on the “Inter Bank Beneficiary” Under Outside SBI
  5. Select last option named “NEFT” in transaction type
  6. Click on “Proceed”

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