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By | August 2, 2017

SBI credit card status : There is certainly no doubt that SBI credit cards are known for being one of the biggest financial assets to the customers or account holders. This is because, the opportunity of accessing this Card, brings in a lot of benefits and the users are consequently able to access some of the greatest deals that it belongs to with itself. The SBI card comes with an absolutely easy process of application and the users would also be able to track its application in just a few simple steps. The procedure is absolutely easy and it brings no convenience to the users by any chance. With the advent of technology and the internet as well as online application, things have turned too simple and the users can access them in an absolutely easy manner without getting through any kinds of complexities. Online accessibility has brought in modern advances, wherein, you, being a customer of the bank, do not require to visit the bank to receive answers to your queries as well as to check the status of your card. You can do them at ease while staying at the comfort of your location by accessing your devices, such as your cell phone or PC that has got an internet connection.

Applying for the SBI card can be availed through the web, that is, via online access. All you need to do for it is to simply fill up the online application and you will find different kinds of welcome vouchers, all of which are available for the SBI customers. The cards are available in a wide variety of ranges and the users can select any of them to apply for, according to their own requirements.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status

If you have already applied for the card and waiting for the arrival, you shall be receiving it in a month or so as it takes around three weeks to complete the processing, after which it is finally dispatched. However, you can check its application status online itself through the following steps:-

  • Open the SBI official website
  • Click on check the status of your application and enter the application number

sbi credit card status

  • Click on Retrieve application if the application number isn’t available to you at hand. Enter the date of birth and PAN number
  • The status of the card will be displayed
  • In order to manage your SBI card and check its status, you ought to learn how to check your card’s status. Here are those steps, and you need to follow them. Once you perform them in accordance to what they have been mentioned, you will be done!

If the card is already with you, you may track the balance and current outstanding in the SBI card by-

  • Log in to the SBI site with your registered ID and password
  • There will be three notifications available to you, such as credit limit, cash limit and outstanding.
  • Click on any of them as per your requirement and you will be able to find the current status of your balance along with the amount that is due to it.

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