How to Activate SBI Online Net Banking

By | July 28, 2017

Activate SBI Online Net Banking : The Internet has captured our life at the present times. Starting from shopping to booking tickets and making payments or transfer funds, the internet has served us in a wide number of ways. If you are one among those people who do not have banking facility till now, you need to get up and get it done at the earliest. The task is absolutely simple and it is all for your own benefits. Time is precious, thus, there is no point if you still need to stand in the long queue just because you need to transfer money or pay off the bill. Why would you waste your energy and time? Get the internet banking facility and avail the benefits of internet banking by simply activating the SBI net banking!

Steps to Activate OnlineSBI net banking

At first, you need to visit the SBI branch and register your account for Internet banking service

Just as you register your SBI account for online net banking service, you shall be receiving the first-time login details. You will be receiving all the required details via speed post. However, if you have already received the details, you must follow the steps as mentioned below:-

If you are trying this procedure for the first time, you need to create a new user ID along with a new login password. You would also require a profile password to be created.

Here is the step by step guide:-

  • In order to avail the SBI net banking facility, you need to visit the official website of State bank of India

sbi corporate banking login

  • Click on the Login button from the window that appears
  • A new window will be appearing on your device’s screen. It will have a message. Make sure that you read the message as follows prior to proceeding through the next steps.
  • Click on the Continue to Login button that appears on the window
  • Just as you click on the option, a new window will be appearing on your screen where you shall be asked to provide your username and password as provided by the SBI through its online internet banking kit.


  • Before proceeding on to the next steps, make sure that you confirm the details properly.
  • Click on the Login button
  • As soon as you log in, you shall be asked to recreate the username and login password. You can do it based on your wants and save it.
  • You shall also be required to insert your profile password as well.

If you have followed all these steps appropriately, you will be able to activate your online internet banking facility without any trouble.

However, you need to remember or memorize the username and password to make sure that you do not encounter any problem in making any changes or operating your internet banking service. You should also learn the profile password since you will be asked to provide it in case you need to make any kind of changes in your profile for future uses.

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